go cheeseheads

This first weekend of second semester has been a good respite. Second semester is only a week old, but I’m already aching in my mind over future assignments and fascinating classes on theory and new professors and classmates.

Being back at school is a satisfying feeling. Virginia’s roads may be familiar to me, but Ohio’s people have become my people. Some faces you just like seeing on a daily basis, even if the only interaction is a nod of recognition that you sat next to that person in composition for one semester. This campus is cozy, and it is good to walk places and be recognized.

Coffee shops and friends and homework make Saturdays swell, and being back at the church that almost feels like my haven in Virginia is good.

Two-week old babies named Violet remind me how precious life is, football playoffs make me think of my aging grandparents, and staging an intervention for a sweet friend has me flashing forward to one day when I’m a mother taking care of my own children.

But until then, I will be content to be amazed at babies’ fingernails, root for whichever football team my friends like, and be the mother hen to my friends here in Ohio.

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