the evening star appearing

girlsWhat a blessing it is, to live in a new state with new people who, in a short span of five months, have become my best friends. Six blondes and one brunette have become the ladies I with whom I cry, ponder God’s majesty, dream about the future, and live this odd stage of being half-way independent. We come from Washington, Minnesota, Florida, Virginia, California, and Ohio, but this is home now, living with these girls.

january 2015After adding in five dudes, you get my entire Cedarville family. Boys and girls may not always think the same about fashion, movies, and music, but this group has clung to each other since the third week in August. We retell the stories of first impressions and “remember when we didn’t even know you guys?” We’re still figuring out what makes each other burst with joy or sink to floor in pain, but already this group has come through financial scares, deaths back home, and break ups here in Ohio.

They kind of drive me crazy some hours of the day, but I’ll always love this funny little Ohio family.

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