ESV initiation

-this cafe is so loud and bustling but the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack is streaming through my headphones, so I don’t mind.

-watching friends look at something funny on their computer makes me giggle just by default

-finding out two sweet people in my major who genuinely seem like nice people are dating has made my entire day so far. He prayed for lunch while holding her hand and my little romantic soul sighed for them.

-my roommate said this morning that I remind her of the girl who leads the student gospel choir here on campus. That may be the best thing she has ever said to me, for Ashlyn is pretty much perfect in every way.

-seeing people around campus who work in the dish room with me is one of the funniest parts of college. They all look so snappy and put together in real life, but Monday and Thursday nights I work alongside them as we get paid to scrape plates and scoff at our fellow students who never learned to clean up after themselves.

-still, God is good, we meet David’s parents for dinner tonight, and tomorrow should be a swell day.

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