tall iced chai

When you genuinely love your friends and ache to be away from them, finding time to be alone and introvert {yes it’s a verb as well} can be difficult.

Maybe that’s why I’m in such a melancholy mood tonight, sitting by myself at our campus coffee shop. The sofas and chairs are comfy and usually taken, but tonight I managed to snag the big couch. Chairs are pushed close together as friends chit chat and advice is passed from mentor to freshman.

I desperately miss that aspect of home: having an older woman love you enough to talk through your life and faith. My mommy is my best friend, and I wish she could be sitting here beside me. My friends just can’t compare to the advice from Mom.

I am certainly considering becoming an RA junior year, for investing in people and being the hug they need or the person they want to confide in makes my heart swell.

It would just be nice to have that same sort of person for myself.

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