guys and gals and Valentines

I didn’t expect to be single this Valentine’s Day; I didn’t expect to go out with my friends and receive chocolates from two of my best guy friends.

I didn’t expect to cry so often for the people in my life; I didn’t expect that God would mold and shape my heart so well.

I didn’t expect to have very many friends in Ohio; I didn’t expect to be so in love with who they are and how God is working in them.

I didn’t expect to live in such a frozen tundra; I didn’t expect to continue sighing at the beauty of falling snowflakes.

I didn’t expect to ever have a crush again; I didn’t expect for a boy to say yes to attending a Sadie Hawkin’s dance with me.

I didn’t expect to hear my brother crying over the phone about his broken heart; I didn’t expect to get a call from my little sis crying about how big and awe-some God is.

I didn’t expect for old fears to return; I didn’t expect to feel so safe in the friendships only six months old.

I never expect the things God places in my life, but I am thankful.

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