yellow in nature

accepting the plan for your life can be difficult.

When you have a desire for something specific and God doesn’t give you the opportunity, I think there is a day or two allowance for being bummed.

At some point, however, it’s necessary to remember that faux-spring in March is too beautiful to stay in a dumpy mood. There are bagels to dream about and then forget to eat, bitter coffee to gulp down before you realize you actually enjoy the taste, and new artists to discover who write oddly but brilliantly.

You need to listen when your theory professor teaches you that family provides the need for association, and a safe to place to test yourself. You need to listen when your little brother talks about martial arts, or when your roommate talks about how excited she is for next year, when you aren’t rooming together. Yes, you need to listen especially then.

When you’re asked a question about yourself, say the first honest thing that comes to mind. It may taste odd to say out loud, but chances are that’s because no one ever caused you to consider yourself in that way. After all, loving people you’ve only known for seven months doesn’t guarantee they will allow you to learn the dusty corners of yourself.

Accept the final decisions of God, and don’t forget to cry it out with Him every now and then. He so often comforts with tears, and especially those shed over your heart’s desires.

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