palm fronds

Mondays are not evil, but Mondays are long.

I still stop and wonder sometimes at the fact that I live on this college campus in Ohio; that I have called a cramped little room shared with another girl home for seven months.

Life is odd in college, you know?

You go to work and groan about how primitive college students can be and how much food they eat and how they cannot fathom the thought of scraping off a plate.

Then, you take a trip with a best friend to buy cake and icing and canola oil and feel like a grandmother as you prepare a birthday surprise for a sweet unitmate. You and aforementioned best friend bake and laugh and he gives shoulder rubs to your friends and shares baking stories from his past.

You surprise the sweetheart with the jumbled souls you call family in Ohio, and your heart sheds a tear of happiness that God could have blessed you with such rich people.

After dishes and hugs, you think hard about communication ethics and what that would look like from Jesus’ perspective. Not everything is black and white to the human perspective……that is difficult to grasp.

A friend finds your old blog and posts you wrote as a fourteen-year old, and you smile at how wise you were back then. Too bad those thoughts cannot come in this nineteenth year.

A night can hold so many scenarios, it’s hard to process. Freshman year is almost over, and I’m still not sure how I have handled it all up to this point.

God is certainly stronger than I am.

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