roses still have thorns

Relationships developed in a university atmosphere are drastically different from those in Virginia.

My roommate invited me to drive with her and a dude friend to get doughnuts at 10pm last night. I went and ended up having a discussion with this friend about his desire to be a missionary in Germany. His plan is to graduate and attend a seminary there, to immerse himself in the culture even before he begins to plant a church. I could sense the light in my eyes as we talked about this, for I saw the same glow in his. Jesus really brings people together, in such ordinary circumstances as a mutual friend and Tim Horton’s.

I ate lunch today with my best friends and the basically-boyfriend of my future roommate. She wasn’t there, so we were able to actually discuss their relationship {still in flux}. He acts differently when he’s talking about her; differently in that his voice gets low and soft and he transforms in to a teddy bear right in front of me. I like that and I like him and I love her. They have their first date tonight. Their butterflies are probably unreal, but I know they will treasure the few hours they have together before finals hit.

Knowing my girls have guys in their lives who treasure them, whether as gal-friends or girlfriends, is a good place to be in my mind. I’m a little more protective of my dudes, for I know how petty the female species can be……but I suppose once they truly fall in love, I’ll be happy for them and ready to accept a new sister into our Ohio family.

I am going to miss my sweet roommate next year. I am going to miss Kadi’s side hugs and the way her eyes sparkle alongside her smile. I am going to miss having Maddie just two doors away when I need a bit of spunk in my life. I am going to miss my view of the gym, and watching campus golfers.

Finals, please distract me from all I’m going to miss next year.

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