fresh ham and cheese

by bye freshman yearI may finally be adjusting to life back in Virginia, after a miserable week of aching for my family in Ohio.

I hate waking up before 6am, but it has been good to be back in my role as a barista. My customers have been so sweet the past few days, welcoming me back and asking how I’ve been. Between questions of how school was, if I did well grade-wise, and what I learned, I’ve started to process my freshman year of college.

Going to an out-of-state school is not meant for everyone, but it has been the best choice for me. Living eight hours away from my family forced me to create my own community in Ohio, and learn how to make friends again. Partial independence is exhilarating and difficult, for I realize how amazing and terrifying it will be in a few years when I am truly on my own, without the safety net of my parents.

I received my grade report in the mail today. I keep realizing what an accomplishment it is that I maintained a decent grade point average, and that I can actually “do college.” It is good to learn, with or without A’s, but those A’s certainly make the parents and myself proud.

My older cousin graduated from his college yesterday. Leaving my own friends for the summer was difficult enough, so watching him bid his classmates an “until we meet again” farewell was rough. Still, as his commencement speaker said, our generation is next in line to be difference makers. The time will come when we leave the classroom and live like Christ in the world.

Until then, it is good to be a sophomore in Ohio.

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