The Friends’ theme song runs through my head as I steam milk and fulfill my customers’ caffeine addictions.

I’m emotionally invested in Chandler and Monica’s relationship, I kind of want a purple apartment, and I really miss my own group of friends who are now my family.

I have babysat the sweetest little boys in the world, driven my brothers all across this state for various activities, and thanked God that He brought me home for these three months to see how He has changed my life.

I stand at church on Sundays and don’t really initiate conversation; I watch the people dearest to my heart talk and laugh and even though I’m not exactly a part of their lives right now, it is a joy to love them.

I have an odd niche here in Virginia, one of being half an adult and half a child. Figuring out where I stand with my parents, brothers, friends, and co-workers is confusing.

Then there is this stupid sitcom from the 90’s giving me such an ache for my friends in Ohio. I think if we all ended up living in the same city, working our own jobs and serving God in our own special ways, we’d have a really cool future.

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