the nine and a ring

Maddie. My JCrunchy. The most expressive person I know. Jesus is her best friend, it’s easy to see. She laughs loudly with me and first patented “Momma Kat.” I never know what’s going to come out of her mouth next, but it will probably make me smile. The one who lives the furthest from me lets me know her passion for life and others, and I am a better person for knowing her.

Caroline. My sweetheart. Truly the kindest person I know. Jesus and her family take up her entire heart, but when she falls in love a whole new ventricle will be created for the luckiest man in the world. She is easy to shock and easy to love. The grandma of our group, I will protect her before everyone else. She cares and listens and plays the banjo like a Mumford, even if she hadn’t heard of them before last year.

Hannah-Grace. My HG. One of the best writers I know. She fights hard for joy in her life, and that is evident to see. She smiles big and loves deeply and knows the exact time to hug you. Her prayers have brought tears to my eyes many times, and she gives the best pep talks. I exasperate her, yet she continues to believe in me and remind me that I am loved by an awesome God.

Meredith. My Merebear. The classiest gal I know. She dresses like a princess in the business world, which at first disguises how hilarious she is. I freak her out with burps and I force her to take pictures with me, yet I’m still her journal and she’s still living with me next year. My late-night study and talk buddy who gives impromptu hugs and tells me I’m kinda cool. I’m kinda blessed to know her.

Kassandra. My ROTC chick. The toughest girl I know. She thought she’d never talk to me after the first day of college and I couldn’t remember her name. Ten months later she’s been home with me for spring break and listened to me whine about my problems and gotten lost in cities with me and let me hear her thoughts about God and life. Our friendship is the most unlikely and one of the best things in my life right now.

Anna. My Sal. The blonde to my brunette. I hate on her state but she still types at me in caps and agonizes over every mutual friend with me. We solve the world’s problems on our campus-long walks. She’s my running buddy. She’s a friend to count on. She’s not that much taller than me, and we argue about that constantly. She is on fire for Jesus, and I feel His love whenever I’m around her.

Lydia. My Queen. The one who took me to Red Lobster and laughed because the waitress probably thought we were on a date. She hugs me like a tall person and laughs at how short I am. She gets my barista mind and my admiration for Jensen Ackles and screams with me about children in cornfields. We share wisdom and she makes me feel like I can conquer the world.

Hannah. My Boo. The one who makes me feel like the prettiest piece of trash in the world. I think we could actually be roommates in the future, even if we shouldn’t raise kids together. She calls me buddy and sometimes I wonder how we’re friends but then we talk about poetry and antique stores and I thank God she’s in my life. She is going to make it big someday, somewhere, and I’ll be smiling in her side curtains with a cup of tea.

Emily. My EJ. My dearest friends. The person who believes in me the most, aside from my parents. She has never been negative with me and has never stopped encouraging me. We are complete opposites in so many way, but she is the person I trust most with my secrets. I feel complete when she is by my side.


If I ever get married, these are the nine women I want with me on my wedding day, for they have known me and loved me through some very hard days and nights. They have cried with me and rejoiced with me and have changed my life in so many ways. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to express how much I need them and love them.

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