saved by a mask

Sophomore year starts in three weeks, but I’ve barely started to process freshman year.

Virginia is my Shire, forever a safe place with people who know and love me. I can drive backroads with my eyes shut and recall the location of any store and gas station {seriously, just ask me}. I suppose it could be called nostalgia, the feeling I have towards this Old Dominion.

Ohio must be my Rivendell, with people to learn from and new paths to explore. Maybe they aren’t elves and the waterfalls aren’t quite so fantastic, but I like this new place I also call home. It will be good, being back.

I think I was supposed to have some sort of life-epiphany this summer, where God opens my eyes and I see exactly where my life is headed. Alas, all I seem to have learned is that contouring makeup is amazing, freckles will always be a part of my beauty palette, and strawberries go best with coffee ice cream.

And so I’m back to not being able to process last year correctly. I know I learned and I know I changed, but I can’t put anything into words. There’s some quote out there about not knowing you’re growing while you’re in the process. I suppose that could be true, but I feel like I should know more about myself than just how deeply I care and how much it hurts to say goodbye.

Then again, I think I always knew that last part about myself.

There is a lot going on in the world, both immediately to me and far removed. I may have a third piercing and there are tax returns in my name, but I’m still so little compared to everything around me.

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