me and Mephibosheth

There is not much eloquence in saying that change sucks.

Change signifies the end of something, of sometime, of someone. Today was my last Sunday at home; it’s time to transition into school mode. Halloween candy is shelved in the grocery store right next to the notebooks and pencils; summer is ending. I watched my daddy and others who loved Shawn Kuykendall play soccer last night; Dad can’t sprint so well and Shawn has been gone from us for a year and five months.

Change is weird, and not always fun.

Three of my closest friends at school will be coming back with significant others. I’ve been the one with a boyfriend, and so I know their priorities have shifted ever so slightly. I’m praying for patience and understanding as they work out the new phase of life they have entered.

I go back to Ohio in five days. Excitement over classes and roommates and friends has me all psyched to go back, but the days between now and Friday will be filled with goodbyes and hugs and promises to my grandparents that I will stay safe.

{it is awful, thinking that each goodbye could be the last}

It is so good to grow, but change pulls and aches and requires constant attention. I rely so much on the people and places around me, for stability is quite nice.

I am sure there is some eloquent quote about how change builds character and makes us stronger, and hopefully I’ll read something like that tomorrow. For tonight, however, I am content in saying change sucks.

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