hazelnut americanos

Classes started back up a week ago. New routines are in place. Lunch buddies have been found and appreciated. Sophomore year has begun.

Coming back to my friends has been an amazing experience. I was away from my Ohio family for three months, but one hug and everything was back to feeling like last spring. Well, some things. We aren’t starry-eyed on campus anymore, and we know each other’s faults. We actually argue sometimes, and don’t always keep back the criticism. It’s been a week of growing and remembering that truly loving people is not easy.

I am overwhelmed with the decisions and projects I have for my various courses this semester. I have never been more excited to gain skills as a technical writer, but goodness gracious I do not feel old enough to be making all these choices for myself.

But I have my support system in Virginia, who send me cookies and letters, and my babes here, who hug me even when I’m being a total grump. We’ve added some new freshmen into our little family, and their faces are always bright. I think God puts some people in our lives to simply be angels. They will never be our confidants or soul mates, but for a brief period they look like Heaven.

I like those angels.

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