snowballs in August

Reestablishing myself as Momma Kat to my Ohio family happened the second I hugged Meredith our first day back. I understand that we’re technically all adults here, but they roll with me and my motherly ways….so I’m not complaining, and I don’t plan on changing.

After all, my room has become the cozy one that has mood lighting and smells like vanilla. My girls are in and out at all times of the day, and I love it. My dear Maddie takes refuge here and naps on Meredith’s bed. It gives me comfort to be such a safe-zone for her.

I have to be more careful with how I ‘mother’ my dude friends, obviously. David’s girlfriend stayed with us this past Friday. Seeing them together was a new and exciting and beautiful feeling, for he has someone who thinks he’s funny and smart and holds his hand. Basically, the most wonderful hope I have for my friends came true for David through Violet.

I want my people safe. I want them shown grace and patience. I want them to be hugged by someone who is willing to hold them and not ask for anything in return. I want them to see a side of God’s love that can only be revealed by choosing to be with a fellow sinner. I want them to be loved.

I am very much a mother hen, and I know that turns a lot of boys off because who wants to hang out with the girl who will remind you to say please and stop you from crossing the street and tell you to be nice to everyone?

Maybe I won’t ever fall in love again. Maybe I’ll just always be around for everyone else, and maybe that’s okay.

But maybe someone will come along and see me with my little family and decide he wants to hold my hand as I remain that resting place for everyone else.

Not gonna lie, that would be kinda nice.

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