Let’s just see what I can get down in thirteen minutes.

For some reason, I always believe that Ohio in summer will be a better temperature than Virginia. Yeah no……it might be worse.

Tuesdays and Thursdays, I get to sit in the lower SSC and drink my coffee. Last week I chatted with the swing instructor/my unlikely friend. Today, I spoke to no one except the barista and read The Return of the King. It is good to sit alone sometimes.

Meredith and I sat up until 12:30 this morning looking at her life documented in pictures saved to her computer. I can’t express how good it is to laugh my head off right before bed with one of my best friends.

It’s ‘glasses Tuesday!’ Maybe there are lots of people to impress here at school, but at this point in my life I’m pretty much past that. Sophomore status is good like that. I’ll let the freshmen choose every outfit and do their hair every morning. My once-a-week looks are good enough for me.

Freshmen are fun to have as friends and in classes, though. They have lots of dreams and crazy hopes and it’s really cool.

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