our green couch

I’m sitting in a plastic chair at Dunkin’ Donuts, still thankful for the iced coffee and chocolate glazed from an hour earlier. Four of the most interesting people I know are with me, headphones in and concentrating on their own various studies. They’re Biology, Allied Health, Psychology, and IT Management majors, so very different from my humble Professional Writing and Information Design track. Just a few moments ago, during one of our necessary breaks from typing and reading, Maddie and I smiled at our present circumstances. Nothing compares to these four years we have in college, and we’ll never experience any others years like these.

My mom always says if she could have four hours to go back in time, she would return to her sorority house and play Euchre with her girlfriends. I know she loves her life now, but I finally understand why she would go back to the her in college.

If I ever have children of my own, I’ll tell them about group workouts in our dorm hallway, walks to the gas station for late-night sustenance, and arguing over juice pouches/bags. I would look at them and say I love them, but I would take back a n hour to have TobyMac and windows down, smelling cornfields and hearing my friends’ voices. I would sit in the dining hall, chairs squished as my extended group attempts to stay together and enjoy each other’s company. I would sit in my cozy room and listen to my roommate hum after returning from time with her boyfriend, or the exact opposite—half my hallmates gathered in the same cozy room, everyone talking and basic chaos reigning.

These years of college, of half-way independence are so odd and special. I know my Lord isn’t finished with me yet, and that He has many splendid things ahead. I am excited for life after these cornfields in Ohio, but oh I will hold these times in my heart.

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