burgundy and cords

There are times when pieces of truth are felt solely by you, and that’s okay.

I almost skipped chapel this morning, running on only four and a half hours of sleep and the adrenaline from presenting a speech. I had to lead my 11 o’clock class discussion and was so not prepared, and I have enough skips to make it through the rest of the year. But hey, thank you God for not letting me skip after all.

Junior class chapel could be iffy, and the chaplain has always struck me as an odd duck…..but oh, he and his message spoke to me today. He read from 1 Corinthians and quoted C.S. Lewis and spoke about how much it hurts sometimes to look at a sunset and I was right there with him the entire time.

He talked about present sufferings and future Glory and how we really have no idea how good we’re going to have it someday, but God has given us snippets of hints that create such intensive longing within our souls.

Christ is risen from the dead. Death and its sting have been defeated. I have victory in Jesus my Lord, and whatever I do on earth is not in vain. I can pour into people without fear, for He will not return it void. When that strange sense of loneliness and aching hits my heart, I will no longer wonder or feel guilty, for it is simply His reminder that I am not home yet. I have not yet made it to Glory.

The trumpet will sound one day, and in the twinkling of an eye I’ll be with my Lord, watching every sunset possible and always being full, for He is there and I am His.

I’ve been walking around all day, simply dumbfounded by this Glorious reminder, asking my friends if they loved chapel too. I haven’t received very many enthusiastic replies, but that’s okay. The Spirit is working other things in them today, and mine just happens to be about future Glory.

There are times when you feel a piece of truth all by yourself and the Spirit, and those are good times.

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