the ultimate

Bitter is not tasty. Bitter is not lovely. Bitter sits and festers and aches until you can’t remember what it’s like to be sweet.

A person has many ways to feel, and bitter is one of the worst. I imagine if there were a way to x-ray emotions, bitterness would look like black sludge inside my heart, just collecting more gunk and building up until I can’t feel anything else.

Bitterness and I are not friends, but it comes to visit far too often. These visits have certainly increased since coming to college, where everyone is successful and smart and has perfect hair and dreams and relationships. It is a daily battle, and one that occurs even towards my closest and dearest friends.

I hate bitterness.

There is only a month and a half left in this year of 2015, but starting now I am going to make an extreme effort to not have a sludgy and achy heart.

Hey God, help me in this endeavor? It’s exhausting to have such an annoying visitor like bitterness.

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