fierce frost

It’s funny, the people we choose to be protective over.

It’s natural to be protective over family members, especially younger siblings. It’s easy to understand feeling that way over friends from childhood, your friend group at school, and for sure your roommate.

But what about that girl only a year younger who sits in your production tools class and wears the neatest clothes? Or the freshman from Michigan who knows the cool kids on campus and has the prettiest eyes? And what about your best friend’s roommate, a dude who can totally take care of himself?

It’s not like these people are weak, or can’t take care of themselves……I just love being that “I’m here for you” person to those who might not otherwise ask. If I can be the one person on campus they ask stupid questions of, then I have succeeded.

Strangers are easy to care for in emergency situations, but acquaintances that invoke such a strong “I will be your mother” response are confusing. Good confusing, I guess, but I don’t understand why only some people get that from me. My capacity to love and protect has certainly grown since coming to Ohio; maybe that will continue throughout my life?

It’s probably connected to sanctification, and other big words that have to do with becoming more like Christ. It’s an amazing process, and one that I love to see in those around me as well. Until we are all safe and holy in the arms of Jesus, I will continue to hug and protect and be that person.


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