mateo and rogelio

Eyes are freaky, beautiful, and so very fascinating. The best compliment given to me was that I have “Dougherty eyes.” They’re green, they crinkle when I laugh, and they mark me as a member of a wonderful family.

On the other side of things, eyes are terribly intrusive. They can give hugs, throw daggers, and say a thousand words, all while remaining in their sockets.

Someone once said something about the reason they call it eye contact, and it’s way true. When I talk to someone and they don’t meet my gaze, it’s uncomfortable and I wonder why they won’t look me in the eye. When I talk to someone and they don’t look away during our conversation, it’s reassuring, like they actually care about me and what I have to say.

I have known brown eyes that honestly pulled me in and made me forget I was standing, that I was existing. There have been grey eyes that reminded me of mist and summer fog and those spiderwebs that have raindrops on them. And shall I list the blue eyes that have sparkled like crystals, been deep like the dark ocean, mixed with green to make tropical sea foam, or honestly reflected the sky at high noon?

We look through our eyes to see Creation and vessels of the Holy Spirit.

I think it’s funny God gave such power to such small pieces of our bodies.

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