merry Christmas, Ron

Christmas Eve in my living room. It is wet and dreary outside, but inside it smells like our tree from Uncle Mike and sorta feels like Christmas Eve should feel.

Seventy-two days until my first wedding for a friend. I am very weepy over this couple, and so even gift shopping for them is proving a struggle. Let’s pray I can keep it together during the ceremony, eh?

I don’t have a plethora of funds this year for gifts, but the ones I did manage to buy are hopefully going to be serious hits with my family members. I am so glad that as I get older, buying gifts is becoming the highlight of my material Christmas season.

I can’t decide if listening to hipster hymns is weird or not……but they’re quite pretty and remind me of hymns from my childhood, so I’ll keep listening.

I got to run errands with my mommy today, and it was wonderful. I miss her while I’m at school, and I rely a lot on her, I’m realizing.

The Polar Express will always be one of my favorite Christmas movies, despite the cheesiness of it. Tom Hanks is kind of brilliant in this movie, and Josh Groban at the end makes everything even sweeter.

My hair is in a side braid for the first time in like forever. I looked in the mirror tonight and actually felt like myself.

What is up with that? I’m twenty and still wishing I could be Laura Ingalls Wilder. Maybe we just don’t ever grow out of adoring our childhood heroes.

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