three pews

Twenty minutes to put down coherent thoughts? Challenge accepted.

I haven’t slept well for a week and three days, and I’ve repeated the words, “I’m fine, just tired,” more than any other week before. People are kind and gracious and loving to me, but I still hate accidentally acting like a grump towards them just because it takes me two hours to fall asleep at night.

SGA chapel is today, which is excellent for those of us who endured a week of confusing messages on pretribulationism and the rapture. I’m ready for a message that doesn’t make my head ache with unpronounceable words.

I tasted German chocolate yesterday and had a migraine to end all happy moods and a slow night of realizing that people are still my favorites, even when people don’t give money and my head pounds.

Galentine’s Day is tomorrow, and it should be even more fun than last year. I was remembering Valentine’s Day two years ago, when I received a polka dotted dress and blood-red drop earrings. I would not trade my life now for the anger and exhaustion of that spring……but it is strange to remember.

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