certain planets rise

Days like these only come every four years, and so today should be marked with my words. I wish I could capture the way today is, with such wind and such vibrant colors and the lake all choppy and the best chicken patty with tomato sauce and provolone cheese for lunch and sitting in psychology class being given wisdom I will never forget.

My legs burn with silliness, for I am long past the days of running for forty-five minutes straight (that makes me sad). I am not a morning person but I do like waking up early, before the world has stirred too much. Both morning and night are special, just as beginnings and endings are in their own ways. My tummy is a knot of anticipation for opening my mailbox tomorrow morning and the letter that will be there. It has no idea yet, but it will decide my future for next year, and those of my friends as well. No pressure, little letter.

I’m wearing someone else’s jeggings and my own lipstick and I think even my fourteen year old self would approve of my clothing decisions. I have a lot of stress weighing me down concerning school and spring break plans, but at least my outfit is reasonably on point. My dress for Saturday is exciting; I’ll feel like a nautical princess all day. I’ll wear my black heels that my mother barely approves of and try to not cry as I think of all the good memories I have with Abby and David. They are strong, they are loved, and they will live a fantastic life together.

Much of life is uncertain, but in this moment I am content.

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