been searching for a few years now

The only conversation I’ve had today was small talk about the weather, and I don’t feel too badly about that. Conversation starters get a bad reputation, and I don’t think that should be a thing. Small talk is exhausting, yes, but it is necessary for us introverts to survive the day.

That little letter finally appeared in my mailbox sometime during chapel yesterday. Maddie and I speedwalked and unlocked and shrieked together. God is giving me the opportunity to serve alongside four of my best friends next year, and I am so grateful and pumped and ready.

Caroline is one of the wisest and steadiest people I know on this planet. Illyssa has counseling experience and the ability to make anyone laugh (no joke). Abrielle is the sweetest person I know and always has a hug ready. Maddie is multi-faceted and brilliant and the most encouraging soul in Ohio.

We all lived together freshman year, and junior year we will all be under the same roof again, serving our own girls and growing as leaders. I can’t get over how cool it is that the five of us are doing this thing  together. I am going to learn so much next year.

But until then, I have midterms and spring break and working to make my parents proud and watching kindred spirits get married to their best friends and thriving in this moment where God has placed me.

March, you are surprising and exciting.

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