sunset to sunrise

Good friends tell you how sweet and kind you are. Best friends tell you all that and then add on all your faults and sins.

“You’re a gossip,” she said. Those words fell from her mouth, landed at my feet, and weighed me down for the rest of the day. She is so right, you know?
I’ve been reading Proverbs since she said that, cringing every time I read anything about the words or mouth of a fool. I have been a fool, and I must stop the gossip that just loves to come out.

We had some initial RA training this week. They challenged us to do many things, but I most clearly recall the charge that we as leaders will be held to a much higher standard than the rest of the student body. I’ve been examining my heart and actions and finding so many areas where I need God to break me down and build me back up again.

Gossiping, speaking without thinking, choosing to dislike certain people—as a follower of Christ, I should not be permitting these actions to come from me. My future position as an RA has slapped me in the face with this conviction, and I am thankful. My babe’s words also contributed, and she knows I’m thankful even when it stings at first.

I am slightly overwhelmed with the level of conduct expected from me next year. This summer’s mission is to ask God for help in stripping away the shiny aspects of my sins, for I know that right below the surface they are dark and ugly. At least, that’s how they feel in my heart.

Jesus has taken the burden of my sins. All I am left with is a weight of glory, and it is a much worthier weight to bear.

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