where you have fallen

Sophomore year will soon be past. I’m two years closer to graduating, finding a job, becoming a “real” adult. Is it okay that I don’t feel ready?

I’m certainly ready for this year to be over. It has been rough, though when my roommate asked what I meant by that word I could not come up with a clear reason………it just has been. My classes have been more enjoyable and rewarding this year, but otherwise I would rather be back in the carefree atmosphere of freshman year.

I hate that the week of finals coincides with the week I have to say goodbye to my babes for the summer. Stress and exhaustion do not mix together for relaxed goodbyes.

I am rambling and procrastinating, sitting here in the library taking baby steps towards something that probably won’t end up being anything. Still, it is A-1 steaksauce to smile in a silly way when my friends tease me about thumbs and copied beards.

This flowy shirt has made me happy all day and the grey clouds have kept me feeling thoughtful. Oh well, two hundred words is enough procrastination for one day. Back to documentation and screenshots.

Hashtag PWID problems.

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