how the fire replays

I got to sit on a couch tonight and do homework with three of my new best friends. We ate grilled chicken and homemade bread and had the best strawberries and shortcake for dessert. We watched Pride and Prejudice with Colin Firth and laughed at the ridiculous nature of people in the 19th century. Sin is not a new-fangled idea, that’s for sure.

Alyssa drove me and Lydia home as we sang about cake at the beach and watched sharp lightning. Ohio certainly has prime landscape for watching storms.

Tomorrow will be a long day of writing instructions and definitely pulling some hair out in the process. I am a decent writer and I enjoy teaching people new things, but documentation may not be my niche in the professional writing world.

My water bottle and comforter from freshman year are both finally starting to show some wear around the edges. Both have been well loved, but next year will require new aspects of my life. Sleep and hydration are actions that deserve quality accessories.

This is my last Sunday in Ohio for a long while. I wish it were easier to soak in how it smells and feels and how it is to hug my best friends. I wish I could bottle a moment and save it for later this summer, when I am tired of Virginia humidity and being an intern and not having classes to exercise my brain.

New is coming next fall, and I’m rather excited.

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