somehow, there’s peace

Today is my first day at my internship. I have my own cubicle, my own tiny computer monitor, and a sliver of a window overlooking the parking lot. I’ve been introduced to the entire office, made coffee in the kitchenette, and smiled until my cheeks hurt.

I’m all set.

Okay, so not all set. I don’t have any tasks yet, and I have no idea what those tasks will actually entail. I’ve never had a job rely on my writing skills. I’ve worked as a barista, a cafeteria worker, a gymnastics coach, and a phonathon caller, but this office setting is foreign to me (especially without a friendly Pam or a clever Jim to bond with).

Game plan? Well, that’ll be faking it until I make it. I know that sounds unprofessional, but observing my parents and other adults so far this summer has assured me that is what adults do in real life, even if they do not verbalize it.

These past two weeks, my parents have demonstrated how they tackle funeral arrangements, job interviews, and car issues. They pray about the situation, they discuss it between themselves, and then they go with their gut. They have reached the point where they are wise enough that their gut is basically always right. They are adulthood goals, for sure.

So here I sit, smiling for real and faking confidence and very much wishing I could go home at the end of this day and debrief with my Ohio babes. They are all having exciting summers as well and I would love to talk with them every night about what we are all learning.

What a time to be alive, eh?

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