how slowly four follows three

Is it weird that I like being the intern?

I wash the blenders after the ladies makes smoothies. I write articles for my boss’s LinkedIn profile. I organize the supplies closet and stock the fridge while wearing heels. I run errands for birthday cakes and snacks. I drop mail off for everyone in the office. I lug and replace water coolers.

Yeah, I really like it.

And during the inbetween times, while the ladies in my office are answering phone calls or discussing various insurance situations, I get to daydream out the window about being an RA.

I guess only other RAs would understand the excitement I feel about knowing the names of my future girls and already envisioning what their personalities will be. Only a fellow RA would agree that searching Pinterest for the perfect “welcome to the hall” gift is a new favorite activity. And only an RA (and possibly her roommate) would already be planning hall workout activities, weekly dinners, and an interactive bulletin board. I enjoy serving people, and so getting to serve the girls I live with is my ultimate dream job.

I want our hall to be relaxing, comforting, and cozy. I have a lot of incoming freshmen who will be homesick and incoming sophomores who will still miss home and I know how important it is for a dorm to at least sort of feel like home. I want my girls to return from a long day of classes and smile when they reach our hall. I want them to feel like the girls they live with are sisters, if not their best friends. I want them to look back on their freshman/sophomore year and be glad they chose to live on my hall.

At the end of our nine months together, I hope they feel loved.

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