beneath the maple tree

God can be so gentle in His reprimands.

I spent the past two hours freaking out about trying to print mailing labels. I spent all day yesterday writing thank you letters on behalf of my boss and today all I needed to do was print the labels and ship them out.

Cue two frustrating hours of fighting with the printer and feeling like an incompetent intern.

When Sil and I finally figured out the correct process to follow I only had two sheets left of printer labels. I resigned myself to the fact there would not be enough labels for all the letters. Back at my desk I started to stick them on, annoyed that I had wasted so many pieces of paper and dreading telling my boss I would have to send the rest of the letters out tomorrow.

And then all of a sudden I was done with the letters……..and with the labels. I had sixty labels for sixty letters and I felt rather like I had been given a loaves and fish miracle.

I have not been trusting God all that much lately, at least within my heart. He has proved Himself to be faithful so many times in my life but I have allowed myself to forget those times these past four months. I have been grumpy towards Him, complaining and asking why and acting as if He hasn’t brought me well through crappy times.

I had sixty labels for sixty letters and normally that wouldn’t mean very much but oh God is faithful, in the little things and in the big things. He gave me this chance today to wake my stupid self up and remember how good He is to me.

Oh Lord, you are so gentle with me and I thank You for your reminders through loaves, fish, and labels.

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