light for my foolish heart

My hall is known as the “camp themed” hall, with yarn and quotes and now a new wall of just my girls’ art. I’m actually not super opposed to the assumption that I planned on that theme.

My mix of freshmen, sophomores, transfers, and juniors are blending rather well together. I know I won’t be best friends with all of them but so far they seem to like me enough and have been treating each other with kindness and respect. In training last week they prepared us for conflict between roommates but I do not foresee too many complications on this hall.

I saw my second-favorite person from California holding hands with her boyfriend on their way to class. The panda and former ballerina have also begun to hold hands, and I can hardly contain the smiles when I see both couples. It is good to know that some of my favorite people are having their hearts cared for and adored.

This fall Bible conference has been calm compared to the last two, but this speaker is still cutting to my heart with his content. I so often take for granted the fact that Jesus is my King, that He conquered death and sin, and that His resurrection is the final answer for every fear and doubt I have. The story of Jesus is not just something neat to teach in Sunday school…….He was the living God in a living man’s body and He is my King.

He’s just incredible.

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