can’t quite keep up

There’s this creek that runs straight through town. A bridge stretches over it, through from above you don’t even realize there is water rushing underneath. Well, rushing is a strong word—it would actually be the perfect creek for tubing, if it didn’t have so many mini waterfalls and tight squeezes between rocky walls, and  if the water wasn’t the color of a weak latte. It’s mostly just good for staring at, which I’m fine with today.

A best friend went on a blind date last night (it actually went pretty well), my roommate is seriously considering marriage sometime within the next year (personally freaking out about that), and I am in the process of setting up two very fantastic people who I think go well together (yes they’re both extroverted and yes they would have a lot of fun).

This creek is a good distraction from remembering my tears at the service in honor the 9/11 victims and the current first responders in our community. My Sal is an EMT, along with some other dear friends, and hearing about the heavy things they experience is hard. I am thankful for a Lord who bears their burdens and handles my own worries concerning them.

I guess there are some who would find it silly that I get so excited about blind dates, weddings, and worries that aren’t even my own…..but I have found it is better for me to care about every little thing than to be apathetic. I am still working out the part of handing it all over to God and not letting the heaviness sit on my heart, but in the end it is better to feel something than nothing at all.

This creek keeps rushing and I will keep caring about it, even if the cars overhead never stop to notice.

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