this town could write

I’ll never get used to how an eight-hour car trip can change my habits, way of thinking, and pace of life. I come back to Virginia and slip back so easily into how things run and sleep and act here. I wonder if that will ever become normal?

My roommate got engaged last weekend; the best surprise I’ve had in a long time. Her fiance had us all wait for them in a classroom on campus after he proposed and it was the best sort of welcome party I’ve ever been a part of. They walked in and everyone was smiling and oohing at the sparkly diamond and all I could think was Crap, we’re like adults now.

There were about twenty juniors in college in that room, all there to celebrate the approaching marriage of two people we all love dearly. We were together without party favors or balloons and without a “real adult” telling us to be there. We listened to the proposal story (complete with many mishaps) and I thought about how one day they’ll tell this story to their kids, that one day this moment will be passed down and told hundreds of times—but in this first celebration and sharing of the story, we twenty were there.

At the end of the night, two of the dearest in that group prayed for Mere and Chris while we all laid our hands on them. They prayed for their marriage and their testimony of God’s goodness and their approaching union. I echoed those prayers and thought, Thank God, we’re like adults now. 

That night was life-changing for my roommate and her man, but it was also a turning point of sorts for me. This becoming an adult thing is terrifying and I don’t feel very confident and everything is happening a bit faster than I thought it would….but it’s also bringing a lot of beauty and happiness and memories I will look back on as the most important.

There are many memories ahead that are worth living for, and so we grow.

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