and nothing that I don’t

The clouds are on fire and there were flurries as I walked to work and I’m at the point where my bones are even tired. I won’t dwell on this past month; my journal holds the frustrations and tears and the exact prayers I said to the Lord…….I have been vulnerable on this blog many times but no one else needs to see those words.

Theology I this semester has been blowing my mind and whittling away my pride at how I thought I had God all figured out, Trinity and free will and all. Sunday School and messages in chapel have also contributed to God revealing to me just how big and marvelous He is. I so appreciate Dr. Kira and how he wrestles with us students concerning the incomprehensible topics that inevitably come up when you’re in a room filled with curious college kids. He knows so much and has such an understanding of what he believes and yet he is willing to stand in front of our class and admit he knows basically nothing about the full extent of God and who He is.

I have had some of the greatest conversations lately, about spiritual gifts and speaking in tongues and how we can’t let our pride get in the way of possibly learning more about how other people worship and love God.

One of my best friends is getting to know this fireman in a more-than-friends way and I got to meet him this evening and I really like the way he smiles and how calm his voice is when he talks to her. It is sort of surreal that she has butterflies about a boy and that maybe he’ll hold her hand and treasure her heart and be the one God has for her. Okay so I’m getting completely ahead of myself and them but gosh darnit my heart could use something to overflow about.

Growing doesn’t always happen in the easiest or loveliest ways, but the Lord is good and gracious and He is so much bigger than I will ever be able to comprehend.

What a marvelous God we serve.

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