bread on my tongue

The red drawn on my hand has smudged but it is a sharp and bright reminder that our world is broken and people I don’t know (but should love) are trapped in a life they don’t deserve. One mark drawn on my body for the next twenty-four hours isn’t going to save anyone but it does ensure that I will be thinking beyond my comfortable life. I’ve never considered myself a “social justice” warrior but there is something burning my heart as of late and this may be the start of a life working for others.

My major had our annual portfolio review session with the board and I was surprised at the direction one interaction went. Kristen clicks with me like an Anne Shirley-kindred spirit and so when the words “I am passionate about people” appeared in our conversation I didn’t feel cliched or dramatic. She seemed to understand the part of my heart that wants to work for the betterment of people and to help them live the way God intended and desires for them. People deserve the opportunity to learn and marry and raise children and live to an age of wisdom and leave an impact on this stained-glass world.

I write and I love and am very much still figuring out how those two parts of me can be combined to make a life that glorifies God and gives people a snippet of how marvelous and loving and good He is.

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