mouth of the river

This is the last summer of routine, the last summer where I have to switch my heart’s gears from Virginia to Ohio, the last Thursday in July that I will be twenty-one. This is the final two-week countdown to becoming a student again, the final two-week wait for my roommate to marry her man, the final two-week deep breath before the most taxing/rewarding job begins again.

On an unrelated note, can we just appreciate that TSwizzle is back on Spotify?

This internship has passed like a dream: quick and sort of fuzzy around the edges. The commute and learning curve have been interesting but I have processed much from last year and gained confidence and knowledge. This may have been the most stressful summer I’ve lived through (family will tear up your mind like that, huh?) but God has faithfully helped me in establishing a more set pattern of talking with Him and reading His Word. Despite being stressed, I am more at peace now than I was last July. He has to push me into the depths of the Gospel every few years and I am glad it came this summer.

I’ve been reading books lately from varying viewpoints on writing, the Church, and the Christian life. Praise the Lord, there are many arguments and points of view jostling in my brain but not in my heart. I am considering everything but only believing what I see is backed up with Scripture. My parents have raised me faithfully, my professors have taught me well, and I’m finally understanding how to sift out truth from all that I absorb.

In ten years I will probably look back and think, “Wow, I was so young then!”

But for now, I am glad to be twenty-one with a Savior who is unmovable, especially in these two weeks of changes and endings.

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