what a marvelous tune

The books that mean the most to me are perched on my windowsill. Kassandra says they will get weird spots on them from the sun, and while that is probably true I’m kind of excited to see how senior-year sunsets change them.

This morning, a few from Debrief braved the labyrinth that we call the cross country course. We screamed as Rheeme ran by; her face stayed driven but she said later that she heard us. I say again, for the hundredth time, that it is an honor to support my friends in their pursuits, even when it means sprinting to watch them cross the finish line.

The first month here at school has not been my own. I am feeling like Bilbo, “butter scraped over too much bread,” but I am also overwhelmed with how little time I have left here in Ohio. My body is worn, my mind is frazzled, but my heart is grateful for the opportunity to love such talented people. Soccer games in the rain, rugby matches in the heat, comedy shows that make me think I have abs again……I will never again have the chance to support so many people in one geographical area.

Ah Lord, this will be a memorable and aching year.

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