growing old too quickly

I wrote the following in December of 2014, three and a half years ago:

This is a place for me to write personally and creatively as I wade through academic papers and assignments. College is a fascinating time, and I want to savor each moment as I dig lasting wells of growth, maturity, and friendship.

I graduated college five days ago, and I feel that I have achieved the goals in that second sentence. I dug wells in Ohio that will last until Jesus returns. I was sanctified, I was grown, and I was changed by the people I met, the classes I took, and the furthering relationship with my Savior. I feel that I have dug enough in the public sphere and now should turn to creating more purposeful content.

Thank you for reading these white pages, whoever you are. If you feel like continuing to read what I have to say, head on over to my new endeavor: tomatoes with sugar. Hopefully the content there will be less oriented to digging in my own soul and more focused on writing for the benefit and growth of others.

Further up and further in, my friends…it has been a good time.



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